Catering Disposable

Catering Disposable

Stock Code:CYPP37FK

Description:Fork White

Spec:plastic pp

Stock Code:CYPP37SS

Description:Soup-Spoon white

Spec:Plastic PP

Stock Code:CYPP37TS

Description: Tea-Spoon white

Spec:plastic PP

Stock Code:CYPP37SP

Description:Spork White

Spec:Plastic PP

Stock Code:DPP01752

Description:6'' Paper Plate 15cm


Stock Code:DPP01754

Description:7'' Paper Plate


Stock Code:DPP01753

Description:9'' Paper Plate


Stock Code:CYPCS001

Description:Coffee Stirrer Black


Stock Code:POPS0020

Description:8" Orange Paper Drinking Straw

Spec:6mm bore, length 20cm

Stock Code:PSPM0050

Description:Paper Drinking Straw

Spec:6mm bore, length 197cm

Stock Code:NBCYPS02

Description:Straws 2 Black


Stock Code:NBCYPS04

Description:Straws 4 Black


Catering Disposable

Catering Disposable

About us

Aushang is one of the specialized suppliers of non-food catering disposables, equipments and Hotel supplies. Based in Sydney.

Established to create a different sort of company, we are dedicated to serving you with flair and fairness and putting your happiness at the centre of everything we do.

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